Professional Licensure and Certification

Become aware of professional licensure and certification requirements for the state in which you would like to work.

Licensure and Certification

Each state and territory in the United States has specific professional licensure and certification requirements which give legal permission to an individual to practice a profession.

Mason strives to verify that our programs meet the educational prerequisites for licensure or certification in all states and territories

Beyond these educational prerequisites, states and territories may have additional requirements for licensure and certification including professional examinations, work experience, background checks, and more.

Licensure Disclosure Tool 

Mason maintains a Licensure Disclosure Tool to help you determine if a George Mason University academic program meets the educational requirements for licensure or certification in a particular state.  

While Mason aims to provide the best assessment possible based upon available information, if you plan to pursue professional licensure or certification, we strongly advise you to: 

  1. Review the disclosure statement provided by the tool for your state and program combination 
  2. Reach out to the relevant licensing agency to confirm licensure requirements suggested by the tool prior to enrollment


Frequently Asked Questions

Do licensure and certification requirements change?

State and territory licensing requirements are subject to change. Mason researches these state-specific requirements for each of its programs and updates this information as appropriate.  

You should always check with your state licensure board to confirm requirements for professional licensure and certification.

What happens if I relocate during the course of a program? 

As licensing and certification requirements vary by state, relocating during the course of a program can affect whether that program will continue to meet state requirements for licensure or continue to qualify you to receive financial aid funding.  

If you relocate, or plan to relocate, to another state or territory you should: 

  1. Consult the Licensure Disclosure Tool 
  2. Contact the licensing agency of the state or territory to which you are relocating  
  3. Notify the Office of the University Registrar of any change to your permanent address upon relocation 

What if I plan to practice in an international location?

It is your responsibility to determine whether completion of your program at Mason will fulfill the educational requirements for professional licensure in another country. 

Contact the appropriate licensing agency or board for the country in which you intend to practice for information to assist in making such a determination. 

How can I learn more about professional licensure disclosures?

For more information and questions about professional licensure disclosures, contact Academic Affairs.