Micro and Mini Grants

Experiential learning in the classroom takes extra time and resources to do well. We value these practices in the Mason curriculum and know their impact on students. Micro and Mini Grants were created to fund faculty and students to participate in experiential learning activities.


Micro and Mini Grants are accepted on a rolling basis between July 1 and April 20.

Faculty: Micro Grants

Faculty to teach experiential learning courses and to engage students in interesting projects and unique experiences, resources are needed. Micro Grants can help by providing up to $500 to engage your class. Here are some ways that funds have been used for:

  • Course Equipment and Lab Supplies
  • Class trips to visit local politicians or community partners
  • Access to data sets needed to complete a course project
  • Honorarium for guest speakers 

Faculty apply for a Micro Grant to create an exciting classroom experience.


Micro Grant Details

Micro Grant Guidelines

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Micro Grant Reimbursement Information

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Potomac Environmental Research
Potomac Environmental Research

Amy Fowler, assistant professor, works in her Potomac Environmental Research and Environmental Center lab.


Photo credit:
Photo credit
Evan Cantwell/Creative Services/George Mason University

Students: Mini Grants

If you are completing a project as part of your course, through a student organization, or working with a mentor. You can apply for a Mini Grant to help you with the needed resources to complete the project. You could receive up to $500 to finish your project by yourself or with a team of other Mason students with the guidance of a faculty or staff mentor.

Students have received funding to:

  • Pay participants in your research project
  • Fund lab equipment
  • Purchase art supplies
  • Pay for travel to a community site where you are conducting your project.

The projects need to be completed during the semester the funding is received. The projects should be part of a Mason Impact + (RS, ENTR, CECL) course or meet the definition of a Mason Impact Project. When completed the student should submit the project for designation on their transcript.

To be eligible for Mini Grant funding you must:

Students apply for a Mini Grant to complete your project.


Mini Grant Details

Mini Grant Application Guidelines

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Mini Grant Reimbursement Information

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