Visionary innovation is the bedrock of George Mason University's identity. The Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President is the engine that propels our academic and scholarly environment beyond the expected. Our graduates make a mark in the world, and our research makes a difference.

Transformational Learning that Makes an Impact

Students choose Mason. We honor their choice by making it our duty to build an educational experience that challenges them to reach beyond their goals and achieve their aspirations.

We do this by:

Mason Impact, the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President's initiative for transformational education, lays out a three-dimensional pathway that builds on a foundation of relevant coursework, career readiness, and well-being. Students engaged in Mason Impact will graduate with intangible tools that will aid their professional and intellectual development throughout their lives.

Research that Fully Engages the Power of a University

At Mason, we believe that a university for the world should operate in a global fashion. Limiting research to a strictly defined pathway diminishes its potential. We instill in our researchers, faculty, and students, the confidence to reach beyond the artificial boundaries of a given discipline. Collaborating across diverse fields of research, we fuel the momentum for innovation. 

The Provost's annual multidisciplinary research initiative celebrates the cooperative scholarly environment at Mason by posing an urgent question and opening the floor for teams of diverse backgrounds to propose solutions. Proposals are evaluated by committee, and the winning projects receive funding for continued research. Mason stands apart as a research institution by availing funds for collaborative intra-university research projects.

Faculty Development that Focuses on Excellence

Genuine excellence is formed in a symbiotic relationship between administration and instructional faculty. The Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President serves our faculty by using feedback to improve resources and support. We recognize the passion and commitment of our instructors, researchers, and leaders through funded and honorary awards. 

With the opening of the Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning in 2017, faculty will capitalize on consolidated instructional assistance in a convenient format. 

Our faculty recruitment goals focus on quality instruction while reflecting the remarkable diversity of our student body.