Undergraduate Education

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Spotlight: OSCAR

OSCAR and the Students as Scholars initiative provide George Mason University with the opportunity to connect students with faculty and to the research and creative mission of the institution. This initiative aims to foster a culture of student scholarship through increased participation in and celebration of scholarly activities.

Our Mission

To inspire undergraduate students to become engaged citizens and well-rounded scholars who are prepared to act.

We provide academic leadership for the university community by:

  • Creating transformational educational programs and initiatives
  • Supporting student academic success
  • Facilitating Mason Impact activities
  • Building campus and community partnerships
  • Promoting the well-being of students, faculty, staff, and the community  
  • Providing education and support for learning outcomes assessment

Bright Futures Are Our Business

Student uses arc welder in mechanical sculpture studio

Undergraduate education at George Mason University focuses on providing experiential and integrative learning in all programs through research, field work, internships, and service learning.

When George Mason attended the Constitutional Convention in 1787, he was among three lone dissenters who abstained from signing America's founding document. In doing so, he risked friendships and his personal reputation to question the conspicuous absence of a declaration of individual rights. He stood out from the crowd and stood up for his principles, and his ideas eventually led to the adoption of the Bill of Rights.

In some ways George Mason’s life and historical role are captured by our academic culture: our commitment to question the conventional thinking of our day; our responsiveness to the needs of the society we are part of; and our commitment to building a more just world.

We Stand Apart

Mason's innovative undergraduate curriculum presents dynamic opportunities for students to directly engage in impactful scholarly activities as early as their first semester. The foundation of our approach to undergraduate core education is built on Mason's mandate to cultivate well-rounded, critical thinkers with a desire to learn and improve their communities throughout their lives.

We're Making an Impact

The Mason Impact offers all students the opportunity to participate as engaged citizens and well-rounded scholars who are prepared to act in accordance with Mason's strategic plan.

The initiative builds on our institutional strengths and our location near the government, cultural, non-profit, and business resources of Washington, D.C., to offer our students transformative learning experiences through experiential and inquiry-based exploration.

The Office of the Provost offers Curriculum Impact grants to encourage development and improvement of this initiative — further ingraining the concept into the identity of undergraduate education at Mason.

Some featured undergraduate programs integrated into Mason Impact include:

Engaged Citizen
Well-Rounded Scholar
Prepared to Act

The Office of the Provost awarded the first Curriculum Impact Grants to support educational innovation in Fall 2017. Since 2017, these grants have fund new multi-disciplinary undergraduate and graduate programs designed around the Mason Impact concept.

Students exploring the Newseum.

Proximity to D.C. has its advantages. School of Integrative Studies students explore the Newseum as they examine the media's impact on presidential elections.