Mason values our inspired and accomplished faculty. Their instruction, leadership, and research are the backbone of the who we are, and provide the momentum for the university's future.

Office of the Provost and  Executive Vice President
Questions? Contact Us

The Office of Faculty Affairs is here to answer your questions, provide support, and listen to your suggestions. We can be reached at 703-993-5876, or via email.

Supporting Faculty

The Office of Faculty Affairs and Development's mission is to develop an enriching and collaborative university environment, supporting faculty members in their scholarly and professional growth.

We're responsible for all matters pertaining to Mason faculty's professional well-being and development. We accomplish this by:

  • Assisting in faculty career development
  • Recognizing and celebrating faculty excellence
  • Cultivating and supporting faculty leadership
  • Collaborating with faculty to implement supportive policies and practices

Visit our Faculty Resources site for a comprehensive resource guide to faculty life and support at Mason. 

Honey bee apiary

Hive Mind – Mason's faculty contribute to the campus environment in every way. To honor their commitment and dedication, the Office of Faculty Affairs endeavors to continuously improve processes, communication, and leadership.