Electronic Memorandum of Understanding

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is an important part of broadening the scope of educational offerings at Mason.

An MOU is a collaborative agreement between two entities—in our case between George Mason University and another entity such as another university, a non-governmental organization, or a private sector organization—outlining their intention to cooperate on specific tasks or issues.


The Electronic Memorandum of Understanding (EMOU) system is a digital tool that initiates the review process for both domestic and international MOUs and other academic cooperative agreements.  

The EMOU system streamlines the process for the development of an academic agreement. Domestic and internationally focused agreements have their own templates and questions, designed to provide the majority of information needed to create a first draft of the agreement quickly and easily. 


Contact Us

We are here to help! Contact us with general inquiries or specific questions regarding domestic agreements, international partnerships, and international exchange agreements. 

General Inquiries

For general inquiries about the EMOU process, email Academic Affairs

Domestic Agreements

For information about domestic agreements, contact: 

Marcy Glover
Coordinator, Academic Affairs
mglover2@gmu.edu or 703-993-8722

International Partnerships

For information regarding international partnerships, contact: 

Krista Uhrig
Interim Director, International Enrollment Partnerships
kuhrig@gmu.edu or 703-993-3107

International Exchange Agreements

For information on international exchange agreements, contact: 

Marie alice Arnold
Interim Executive Director, Global Education Office
marnold7@gmu.edu or 703-993-2167