Learning Management System

Embracing the future of education, George Mason University is transitioning to an advanced learning management system designed to empower both students and educators.

The Provost's Office and Information Technology Services (ITS) are partnering to facilitate the university's transition to a new Learning Management System (LMS). This collaboration aims to ensure that the shift to a new LMS will provide a centralized space for faculty to create, manage, and deliver course content, as well as for students to access course materials, participate in activities, and track their progress.

Mason’s current LMS, Blackboard (Bb), has served the university for more than a decade; however, it is not expected to have new innovations or developments in the current, fully supported version. New LMS solutions have entered the market since Mason adopted Bb, making it a great time to take stock of our faculty and students’ current and future needs.

After a multi-layered and comprehensive process, Canvas by Instructure has been selected as Mason’s new LMS. Canvas stood out over the other solutions for its functionality, ease of use, integrated tools, and wide use in higher education. It is expected to fully replace Bb by the end of 2025.




The shift to a new LMS will enrich the student learning experience by providing advanced learning tools, flexible learning options, enhanced communication and collaboration opportunities, and personalized learning experiences.


Faculty will have access to the tools and resources they need to create engaging, interactive, and inclusive learning experiences that promote student success and achievement.


A new LMS will help improve teaching effectiveness, enhance student engagement and success, streamline administrative processes, and create a more adaptable and future-ready learning environment.



Because this shift in LMS providers is a major change for the entire university, a phased approach is being utilized to aid with the rollout and adoption of the new platform. Specific dates will be added to the implementation timeline as the project progresses.

Contact Us

Members of the Mason community can provide feedback on the project using the LMS Feedback Form. Questions and feedback can also be sent directly to lms@gmu.edu.