Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activities

A Mason Impact (MI) + Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activities (RS) experience provides the opportunity for students to identify and address questions, and design and complete projects in disciplinary contexts.

With a MI+RS experience, students see a question, knowledge gap, or unexplored idea as an opportunity to create new knowledge in the form of the collection and analysis of data, original critical analysis of concepts or events, or creation of new works of art.

Students may engage in:   

  • Research: Research design, execution, and analysis of data
  • Scholarship: Synthesis of information from a variety of sources to form a new explanation or exploration of a concept or event 
  • Creative Activities: Creation of a new work or performance of an artistic work   

Student projects may come in the form of a:   

  • Presentation, including, but not limited to a paper, a talk, or a poster, of results from analyses 
  • Screening, exhibition, demonstration, or reading 
  • Collection of works based on the results and/or end-product of the project 

Visit the Office of Student Creative Activities and Research (OSCAR) for more information about undergraduate research and creative activities at George Mason University.

prosthetic left arm
Undergraduate Team Creates a Prosthetic Left Arm for Violinist

Isabella Nicola plays the violin with a prosthetic left arm designed by a senior design team of Mason bioengineering students from Mason's Volgeneau School.

Photo credit:
Photo credit
Evan Cantwell/Creative Services/George Mason University