Faculty Appointments

Faculty Appointment Classifications & Appointment Procedures

General Personnel Information

NEW!  Faculty Processes for Academic Year 2024-2025

For faculty appointments with additional administrative assignment, please contact the Director of Personnel Operations in the Office of the Provost.

Please see Graduate Student Appointments for information on appointments specific to graduate students.

Establishing a new position or recruiting for a vacant position:

Step 1: Initiate the process for all faculty appointments by submitting a position description through PageUp Position Management System to request a new or vacant position review. Contact Human Resources Classification and Compensation for guidance.

Step 2: Contact Human Resources Talent Acquisition for guidance on searching for a candidate through the PageUp Applicant Tracking System tool.

Step 3: Once a candidate is selected, complete the faculty hiring proposal in the Request Tracking System (RTS) - Faculty Hiring Proposal workflow for creation of offer letter, routing for review/approvals, and presenting the offer letter to the candidate. 

This workflow is used for all benefitted Instructional/Research/Clinical Faculty, Administrative/Professional Faculty, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, and Research Staff. 

For complete instructions on how to use the RTS Faculty Hiring Proposal workflow, please refer to the Faculty Hiring Proposal Workflow Instructional Manual.

Reference Videos:

How to make an electronic offer

Candidate View - How to accept an offer

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Emeritus Faculty Appointments


To request Emeritus Faculty status for a faculty member who meets the requirements stated in the faculty handbook, the academic unit submits a packet to the Provost’s office for review.

The packet should contain the following:

  1. Recommendation Letters from the Academic Unit that details evidence for outstanding dedication to the university. The recommendation can come from a Chair or a Committee within the Local Academic Unit.
  2. A memo from the dean, limited to one page only, the provides a brief history of the faculty member’s qualifications and the dean’s recommendation. (see the “Emeritus Memo Template 2021”)
    1. This memo is submitted to the board of visitors as support documentation, please do not refer to any other documents in the memo.

The packet is reviewed by the Provost and then the President. Once approved, a copy is sent back to the unit, and it will be an action item in the BOV Meeting to be voted on.

When the board approves, the candidate will receive a notification from the Board of Visitors.

Submit packets to provppm@gmu.edu.

The following benefits are conferred with Emeritus status:

Understand Recruiting Policies and Procedures

Academic recruitment is a complex endeavor. Mason deploys a number of solutions for talent acquisition.