Did you know...annual assessment updates


George Mason University successfully concluded the first cycle of annual assessment reporting in Nuventive,a platform that helps users plan more efficiently, collaborate more effectively, and make smarter, more data-informed decisions.

Mason requires academic, administrative, and co-curricular units to annually report their assessment plans and findings as part of a systemic approach to assessment that fosters continuous improvement, enhances decision-making, and ensures compliance with regional accreditation and state mandates. As the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning (OIEP) prepares for the AY 2023-24 cycle, below are assessment highlights and process improvements.

  • Academic Degree Programs 
    In an effort to promote continuous improvement, OIEP managed a process of academic annual assessment feedback for four cycles. The Mason Academic Assessment Council members form small groups to review and provide constructive feedback for each program. Feedback is then integrated in the new annual assessment platform, Nuventive. The quality of annual assessments has steadily improved since this process has been in place. To honor and recognize exemplary submissions, OIEP will present pilot assessment awards this spring. 

  • Co-Curricular Units 
    OIEP, in collaboration with the Co-Curricular Assessment Council, actively engages units with best practices in assessment. Co-curricular units are supported with a 1:1 consultation at the beginning of each year, giving them the opportunity to refine annual goals and outcomes while collaboratively reflecting on peer feedback and the past year’s findings and improvement plans. Through the annual assessment process, units evaluate the impact of programs and services to continuously improve students’ co-curricular experiences. In the upcoming year, OIEP will provide professional development opportunities focusing on identifying priority areas when selecting assessment methods. 

  • Administrative Units  
    OIEP is currently developing a peer feedback process for administrative units based on the one used for academic degree programs. Working with the Administrative Assessment Council, OIEP assesses the unique needs and requirements of administrative units to see how the feedback process can best be adapted. OIEP anticipates having the process in place for AY 2023-24 assessment reporting. Individuals involved in the annual administrative assessment process and interested in serving on the council can contact OIEP for more information. 

The AY 2023-24 reporting deadline for academic, administrative, and co-curricular units is June 30, 2024. More information about the annual assessment process and the Nuventive platform can be found on the OIEP website. Email questions or concerns to OIEP.