Committee Manager Tool Kit

Committee Manager Tool Kit

The Review, Promotion & Tenure (RPT) content management system automates existing workflows and processes for faculty renewal, reappointment, promotion and tenure into a unified content management system to streamline the RPT experience for both candidates and reviewers at all levels within one secure and configurable system.

User Tool Kits will empower users to create, complete, route and review casebooks through the full reappointment, renewal, promotion and tenure review life cycle.

Committee Managers possess all of the capabilities of Committee Members, plus a few more. Most noticeably, Committee Managers have the power to move a case either backward or forward after a committee has finished reviewing. In addition, Committee Managers have communication powers within the system; they can e-mail both the candidate and committee members from within the product and can record committee votes in the program.

Committee Manager users must attend RPT Committee Manager training prior to routing cases. Contact Mason FACTs to register for training.



Assistance with RPT Procedures

Director of Personnel Operations, Office of the Provost

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