Did You Know… Student Evaluations of Teaching


The end of the spring term is rapidly approaching and Student Evaluations of Teaching (SET) will be open for most full-semester courses onFriday, April 19. SETs are administered throughout the semester for Mason’s multiple part-of-term courses. The full schedule can be found on the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning (OIEP) website.

A few facts about the administration of SETs at Mason:

  • SETs are administered prior to final exams. 

  • All enrolled students are notified multiple times by email and via Blackboard alerting them to the opportunity to evaluate their courses.Courses must have at least three students for an evaluation to be generated. 

  • The length of time an evaluation remains open is related to the length of the course. The default for most full-semester courses is 10 days. The default for part-of-term courses is five days. 

  • Instructors can monitor response rates in real time on the Blue dashboard. 

  • OIEP developed and maintains theSET Response Rates Dashboardwhich provides response rates filtered byTerm,School/College,School/College by Department, andInstructional Mode & Level. Individuals must be on the campus network or VPN to access the dashboard. 

More SET information and resources are available on theOIEP website, including FAQs for instructors and students, tips to maximize student participation, and the SET questionnaire. Email questions tooiepset@gmu.edu.